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From time immemorial man has searched hard for faster ways of communicating, or transporting commodities with speed, security and specialized service. It is interesting to note the word courier comes from ‘currere,’ in Latin, which means ‘to run.’ When the postman walks, the courier service runs! Delivery with speed is the essential requirement of a courier service. Messages were once sent through homing pigeons, horse and pony riders, stage coaches etc .


Speedy delivery it was believed was only by running, and in ancient Greek mythology Mercury has wings on his feet.

Speed, speed, speed! So much so that if you glance at the motto of the US Postal Service, it can be traced back to Herodotus, a Greek Historian who is quoted saying “Not snow, no, nor rain, nor heat, nor night keeps them from accomplishing their appointed courses with all speed”.

It Was About Speed once, and Still Is!

Once upon a time courier delivery was all about speed and it’s still all about speed! One of the most famous couriers in history in 490 BC ran from Marathon to Athens after a major battle where the Greeks defeated the invading Persians. Legend claims he fought in the Battle of Marathon and then ran about 26 miles to notify the people of Athens of their victory, then collapsed and died of exhaustion. The Olympic Marathon, which is approximately 26 miles, originated from this legendary 26 mile run.

Wells Fargo was started in 1852 and became the first premium package delivery service in the U.S. It specialized in moving gold and packages and established a huge network. The Pony Express was established in 1860 to provide express courier service between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California. The Pony Express set up relays of riders who would cover the 2,000 plus miles with mail and small packages in about 10 days. A rider would switch horses at relay stations every 15 to 20 miles, traveling 75 to 100 miles per day.

Today, more than ever it is all about speed: With communication becoming instant, people want delivery also to be nearly so, and a good courier company is one having a network and infrastructure that can make this possible. Dependability, problem solving, professionalism and dedication are all qualities couriers companies should have and at Bombino Express we believe wholeheartedly we have all of these:

Safe, Secure and Speed is the way we go about our business.

Safe, Secure and Speed: Bombino Express’ Passion