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Documents and Parcel Courier Service:

If your mail piece isn’t a postcard, letter, or a flat (large envelope), then it’s a parcel.

Bombino Express assures you a Swift, Safe and Secure service, which gently, yet surely transports your goods to countries like Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, and many other countries worldwide, using our own network and that of our associates.

With such a personalized yet professional service you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find our rates extremely competitive and our delivery schedules firmly time bound. Try us, and be amazed as your documents reach their destinations faster than you expected, and absolutely safe. Why, you can even follow us online and know exactly where your documents are at any given moment.

We’ll pick up your package from your doorstep and deliver them across the seas right to the concerned doorstep. Don’t worry about custom clearance, we’ll handle that! Use our services and see the difference!

Why Bombino Express

*Highly Reliable & Clear Visibility
*Economical Pricing Brings Significant Saving for Clients
*International Consumers Reached by Direct Association with Reputed Couriers & Postal Entities
*Return & Reverse Pick Up Management
*24 hours Personalize Customer Care & Live Chat
*Real Time Shipment Status Update for Domestic Deliveries
*Offers 24-Hour Online Tracking
*Instant Shipping Updates by Email and SMS.

Our Services  The Bombino Express Guarantee*  International Import Express
*Express Delivery  *Competitive Pricing  We will handle your:
*Economy Delivery  *Special Bulk Shipment Pricing  *Customs clearance
*Timed Delivery  *Document Security*  *Provide services to collect your parcels, documents and goods
*Same Day Delivery  *Online Real Time Status *Bill you in your local currency
 *Your One-Stop Logistics Partner